About Me

Hey there, I'm Jon Lachney, proudly from L'Acadiane (Acadiana), my home in the heart of Louisiana! ⚜️

My life is deeply intertwined with the digital world. I have extensive knowledge of internet culture and am highly engaged online. If you're into the same stuff or just want to chat, hit me up on my socials!

I do a lot of cool things and am continuously growing my skills. Below are all the projects and roles I've worked on!

Minecraft Modding


In my friend group, we've started our on Minecraft Modding group called, Modding Legacy, established since 2016. Our first project was the official port of the iconic and popular mod The Aether to the latest versions of Minecraft.

Now, we are creating our own original mods such as Blue Skies and many other original projects with a total of over 200,000,000 downloads! We have come a long way and we're happy to continue doing it.


Here's a demoreel of all of my music I've created for mods such as Blue Skies, Dimensional Doors and The Midnight. Embed provided by Spotify.

Competitive Typing

In 2013, my journey into competitive typing began when my high school teacher introduced me to TypeRacer.com and 10FastFingers.com. At that time, I was already typing at an impressive speed of 90 words per minute.

Fast forward to today, and I've built my skills to consistently type at an average speed of around 140 words per minute. Not only have I improved my typing speed, but I've also taken on the role of an administrator, overseeing the moderation team and managing site content. I owe a special thanks to the teacher who introduced me to these platforms - you have made a huge impact on my life.